Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Darian Lake/ Luke Bryan

A few weekends ago we took a one night getaway to Darian Lake.    
 Mike took the day off work on Friday and our plan was to leave by 8 AM, however Em ended up sleeping past 8, so leaving by 9, became the new goal, which we did! We had the longest wait at the border, in which we learned we could teach Noah to pee in a cup... and Em managed to have a 15 minute nap - that's it!!  
 We made it to the hotel by 2:00 and luckily I was ready! I just had to change my shirt! So we checked in and then hit up the amusement park with a very tired little girl and an excited little boy. My sister and her family were there as well. We did a few rides before the I had to meet my sister for the Luke Bryan concert. 

 We decided on VIP tickets this time, since it was our only concert this year. Well it was simply amazing. Aside from waiting in the wrong the line ups, we finally ended up where we needed to be. With VIP it gave us swag and a private concert.     

We had these shirts made:
 We got front row for the VIP concert and it was simply amazing!! I almost got an autograph! 


We had second row seating for the concert which was awesome as well!! We missed the first opener, but did get to see Brett Eldridge! 

And while we were at the concert, the boys and kids were off having fun of their own. I loved getting videos of them on rides and wasn't slightly jealous I wasn't with them. I pretty much wished I could be in both spots.... haha Both the kids seemed to really enjoy the rides!

After doing the rides in the kiddy area they went swimming back at the hotel and then hit up supper!! Em was fading fast... 

She didn't make it back awake. 

Both kids slept well in the hotel room which was good to see, because you just never know! 

 Saturday morning we had a quick breakfast before we packed up and hit the park up to do the Ferris wheel and a few more rides. It just wasn't warm enough to use the water park.



We left around 11 AM, hit up lunch and then TJ Max on the way home, we pushed our luck there and didn't make it to Target, as both kids were exhausted.

But I bought 2 pairs of jeans, we let the kids pick out a toy each... Em tried to convince us to take home this ginormous ugly lion, but we convinced her a giant teddy was a better idea? Apparently she is goes big when you let her pick. Noah had a very tough and rather humorous decision to make between a tractor and bruder dump truck/excavator. He ended up going with the Bruder, but was second guessing his decision. But he sure was excited to play with it when we got home. I also found Em's bedroom bedding. I'm in love with it: 

Part of me wants to kick her out of her crib just so I can do her room all up!! 

Sunday we had a much needed low key day. 

We hit up Home Depot to get some project supplies, they had long naps, we had a little swim and a little bike ride and off to bed. 

Overall it was an awesome weekend getaway. We all had fun and it has pretty much inspired us to do family adventures monthly!! Although September got 2 with Storybook Gardens and Brantford Zoo!! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Noah's First Day of Preschool

Well it's official Noah is preschool for the whole school year this term. Right now he is going Thursday's, but I'm planning on having him go twice a week come the new year. The preschool he goes to is from 8:30-11:30, so he is home in the afternoon with us, which is great. The morning is totally enough for him right now!  
 Last spring we started him going when she had room, which I think was harder on him because it wasn't consistent, not to mention it was a big change for him. We did 4 weeks in the summer and he did great, had a lot of fun and was looking forward to going back. We were having issues with him not telling his teacher when he had to pee and he was having accidents. 
 Well yesterday rolled around and Noah was excited for his first day!! 

At drop off, I reminded him where the bathroom was, he gave me a few hugs, but was all smiles and no tears!! I will say it makes life  much easier when this is what happens Vs. the meltdowns. 

But I sure do miss him when he's gone and wonder what he's doing, if he's having a good time, is he being polite, is he missing me?

When I went to pick him up, he greeted me with a huge hug. His teacher said he had a great day! She said there were a few times when she saw him missing me and reminding himself that I was coming to pick him up (soo sweet), but he didn't cry.   

 When we got home he told me all about his day, gave me lots of snuggles and told his sister how much he missed her too. As hard as time is apart, it is soo sweet when we are back together!!  

 We have a busy weekly schedule now:

 Monday: Playgroup (if we go). I leave this optional because if our weekend is really busy, sometimes it is nice to stay home.

Tuesday: Grandma/Noah day, which will be changing a bit in a few weeks. Noah will be starting swimming on Tuesday mornings, so Em will hang out with Grandma, Noah and I will goto swimming and then swap back off with Grandma, so he still gets his time with Grandma and I get some one on one time with Em.  

Wednesday: Library program 

 Thursday: Noah has preschool and Em has her pre-school program as well with her teacher. He comes to the house and works with her every other week because of her hearing loss. 

 Friday: we have nothing.  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sh*t My Toddler Did This Weekend

IYou know with a title like this that clearly something crazy went down right?? Yup. It did!!! I mean it wouldn't be Labor Day Weekend without it right??  

 Friday night M had ball, so I just hung out here at home. 

 But Saturday morning this mama took a morning to herself for a little shopping! I hit up Maurice's which is a store I have just learned about and you know what, I love it!! I bought 3 shirts and a pair of jeans! The jeans are super comfy. Here are a few of the things I bought:  

 I also went to Gap Outlet and bought myself a shirt that says Workout For Wine, I also got M a sweatshirt! I went to Michaels to buy myself a new cutting mat, but apparently cricut stuff isn't part of their coupons, so I ended up buying sparkles to make some new wine glasses! I hit up Ardene and Costco as well before heading home!    

 So overall it was a nice quiet morning out to myself!   

The kids had fun outside with Daddy all morning as well. Em was sporting her police onesie from Uncle Steve and Aunt Carrie:

 And Mr. Noah woke up happy to see me after his nap!

 Sunday morning we started off baking some cranberry lemon bran muffins and peanut butter cookies before heading to my cousins to meet her new baby Adeline! 

Em was priceless with her. She had no clue it was a real baby and just kept poking her. I was reading her a book and all of a sudden the baby moved. Em ditched me and the book and went running over to the baby, so impressed she moved all on her own:

 Noah had a fall... on a drum set, peircing right beside his eye (he is lucky). He is also all about playing his injuries down or trying to keep them a secret. He's not a fan of making a scene, so he sure did play it cool, but it had to have hurt! We did attempt a picture of the 4 of them together and this is what we got....

 But these two boys sure did have fun!

We left at lunch time, grabbed lunch on the way home and managed to keep the awake the whole time!!       

 This is pretty much when the toddler from hell showed up....    

 We got the kids to bed, we did a few chores, like cleaning windows, cleaning our bedroom, put away laundry, finish baking cookies, etc. We both sat down to relax. Well I didn't hear Noah get up (we have a chime on his door) but suddenly heard him running around in the dining room. That should have been my first sign. So we got him a snack, a drink and show on.

 I went tlove switch the laundry over only to find sunscreen graffiti all over my mudroom, but the fun didn't stop there... he got my deodorant and rolled the rug with it and my Arbonne (not cheap) face cream and pumped it on the laundry...

 I became LIVID.... I may have told him to go pack a bag.... the crazy part of me asked him why.... but I will say, he knew he was in trouble, spent an hour in his room, wasn't allowed treats, snacks or going outside for the rest of the day and you bet we had a BIG talk. Luckily my enjo fibers took the sunscreen off, M has to take the rug to the shop to pressure wash and we (fingers crossed) got it all out of the clothes. NOT FUN!!!

 However the fun didn't stop there unfortunately. I asked M to watch the kids for 5 minutes and well, he didn't.... so they dumped not 1, but 6 bins of toys. I mean they played with them.... but the rule is 1 bin out at a time!! So we attempted to have them clean it all up, but that got even more frustrating because I had spent (too long) sorting them all out. So it was quick bath and bed. That's what we get for pushing their bedtime and well M learned a good lesson too... supervision is key.  

 After we got the kids down, we had a big mess on our hands, my Dad called and said he was coming back from camping early and wanted to stay over. Next the neighbours call us wondering what the heck we were doing because they were having a bonfire and spying on us through the window and could only see us pacing. They invited us over and well I don't think I could have turned down wine if I wanted to haha. 
 Well my Dad made it back safe, found us at the campfire, he turned in at midnight and then we decided a late night swim (thankful for the heater) and hot tub were necessary, as well as staying up until 2 AM. 

 Monday morning Noah was ecstatic to find my Dad here, as was Emilya, who wouldn't leave him alone. It was soo cute!         
 But we had also planned a surprise trip to storybook gardens with my Mom! We left a bit later than we planned, but it worked it out and everyone had soo much fun!! Luckily it was warm enough to enjoy the splash pad too!!         


 Mike had to get really creative to keep the kids awake on their way home. Pretty sure their legs were drumsticks at one point... but it worked and we enjoyed some peace and quiet while they napped with no further incidents luckily.  
 We took the kids swimming before it stormed and had a quiet night as a family!       
 Today I forgot that it was Grandma Date Day! A pleasant surprise on both mine and Noah's end!! So Em and I have had a fun day together! 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Luck Vs. Worth

Today I'm going to touch on something I deal with EVERYDAY. I have finally found a way to handle this topic with grace and peace. 

 I am lucky and I am blessed and despite being told this all the stinkin' time by friends and family, I have finally found a way to not feel anger towards it. You are likely asking why would I be angry about being told how lucky I am? Maybe it's because it's repetitive, but really it was deeper than that. When someone tells you that they hope you thank your husband every day for all that he does... I mean it stings a little right?

 I will start out by saying, I'd rather talk about things in my life that are great and that maybe makes me come across as fake or entitled? I have a great husband, he is helpful, he is handy, he puts us first and yes, I couldn't imagine doing life without him. And yes, he knows I am thankful and soo very grateful!! We have 2 children- It can be crazy with said children but at the end of the worst days, I couldn't feel more blessed. I will be the first to tell you how crazy my kids are, I don't hide the "bad" if you want to call it that. My life is exactly how it appears on social media and exactly how I portray it in real life. I'm not perfect, I'm not entitled, I'm honest and down to earth and to be pretty honest, I'd rather be positive than negative and that is just how I've decided to live my life. 

 I'd like to think I've lived my darkest years while dealing with infertility. M and I kept this struggle silent for the duration of our struggle for 4 years. We chose to do this because we didn't want pity parties or people up in our buisness. We didn't know how to handle it ourselves and therefor couldn't explain to people what we were dealing with. We didn't want that negative attention. This doesnt mean that we we didn't tell anyone, our closest friends knew and our immediate family knew.

Those days taught me more about myself and they have shaped and created the person I am today. I can say I'm a better person today than I was then. I am constantly working on myself to be the better mom, the better wife, the better friend, the best me I can be.  I can also honestly say that I believe dreams come true.

Perspective is everything and while we create new dreams every day, we are currently living our dream. Does this mean things always go as planned? Nope. We struggle, things come up, life happens, but we get through it. But we get through it with grace and posititivity. We all have our own roads we have walked. I've been in the trenches begging for answers of why me and now I cringe at these thoughts. I was always asking the wrong question. The why me wasn't going to get me the answers I thought I needed. And when I finally figured that out, I began asking what's next? How do we get through it? Like I said, once you hit the darkest period of your life, you can choose to come out and find the light, or you can get stuck in the hole. We can't predict our futures. I had no idea the cards we were going to be dealt in life or if I was even strong enough to handle it. I grew up believing that God would never give you something you couldn't handle.

 Infertility was hard. It was hard on our marriage, it was hard on both of us personally, emotionally, mentally, you name it. It was easier to give up at times or to be negative. It's actually really hard to go back to that place, even just to talk about the struggles we faced. We persevered. It took a lot of work. It took a lot of real and deep moments and conversations and a whole new type of vulnerability that neither one of us were necessarily ready for. 

 So, yes, I am lucky, I am soo very lucky. The reminders are great, but you know what it didn't come easy. It didn't come without work. When everyone is telling me how lucky I am, it almost belittles all the hard work that has gone into creating this luck in the first place. And that is where the whole worth comes into play. I would hear how lucky I am constantly, but no one is telling my husband how lucky he is? So I began to question my own worth. I began to question him if there was more I should be doing. I was beginning to question my role as his wife, wondering why it felt like everyone was hassling me. It made me want to shut down and close the doors to my life. It made me want to shut down friendships and stay home. I think part of it for me, is that in the trenches I learned to stop comparing my life to others and here it was creeping back in and creating a dark spot.

I have no problem recognizing how "great I have it" - I work hard with my husband to make this happen. Why was I now bringing issue into things that clearly aren't an issue?  I began questioning my own worth. I began to wonder if I was worthy of this life we created, I chose my husband, he was raised right, I don't want to change him, not one thing. I do want to change myself and grow as a person constantly. Is he perfect? No. But why does that matter? I'm not either and the people looking at my life to pass judgement - they aren't either!! 

 I am worthy. I am enough. I do enough. I could do more, but couldn't we all? Why was I letting this comment rip into me. Is my husband lucky? Does he think he's lucky, because in all honesty- that's the only question that matters. The answer is yes. I didn't need him to stroke my ego and tell me why, he did anyways, but that's just who he is. I made sacrifices too, so while he is at work earning our money, I'm at home raising our children, trying to maintain our household, our family, our dreams.  I let my career go because family is what was important to us. We were both brought up with our mothers at home raising us. I quit working so I could get pregnant in the first place. It wasn't an easy decision and it came with a lot of judgement and still does. But that is a whole separate issue on its own.

 So while I am lucky, I am also worthy. I chose a great guy to spend my life with and we both work really hard together to make our life work.  So if you are asking yourself the same questions. Stop. Take the "lucky" comment as a compliment and leave it there. Ask the one who matters and leave it at that. Strive to be better. Hold your chin up. Don't make issue where there isn't one and just as I don't compare my life to others, don't you go there either. Your life will not be the same as anyone else's.  Just love the life you do have. Have gratitude, be aware of your own life and don't be afraid to awknowledge all that it took to get there. I am not better than anyone else and neither is my life. My life is what I have worked hard to make it.

If you are in those trenches, follow the light, turn the negatives into positives. Stop asking why and ask the right questions and it will lead you to the answers. Start with small changes and know that it won't happen over night and that it takes time. You need to love yourself before you can accept love.

You are worthy of the life you are in the process of creating, the one you are capable of making. You are likely just as lucky and worthy as I am, so stop letting people make you question that.   

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Baseball Weekend Rewind

How was this weekend the middle of August already?? Where has summer gone?? I still have things on our list to do with the kids, but we are running out of weekends!  

Friday morning we went to the splash pad with friends and had an impromptu lunch date too!! The kids had a blast needless to say!

 Friday night I had a friend come over to use my cricut while M had ball. Turns out he was bringing the ball team back to our pace afterwards!! Good thing we cleaned the garage out last weekend. 

 I ended up forgetting to put on my lavender oil before bed and woke up with swollen itchy eyes. They felt horrible. Crazy how quickly a reaction can come when I forget my oil!! 
 Saturday morning we went for a family bike ride to the park and played for a bit before heading back home.       
 We worked in the yard a bit before lunch. M had a ball tournament and his first game was during naptime. So I stayed home and worked on laundry! We were planning on attending the next game, but his first game ran soo late, my eyes were really bugging me, so we ended up staying home and making a quick dinner. Noah was not too impressed. When M got home he took the kids swimming. Em is in love with jumping off the stairs, so we have been moving them to the middle of the pool for safety!        
 After we got the kids in bed, we had a little impromptu date night, enjoying some take out from the pub. We wanted to watch a movie, but my eyes were just soo sore. I ended up going to bed early.  
Sunday morning we had a pancake breakfast, worked on some chores before heading to M's ball game.

We packed a little picnic and had lunch ther. The kids did pretty good! Noah actually watched the game - I was shocked! Em started to lose it just as they finished playing.  
 We were home just in time for naptime, which I spent in the pool floating around instead of doing jobs on the to-do list!! 

 Our supper was a bust... but we were able to scrounge up enough food for dinner. Em was super cranky. It just wasn't good.  So we went for a bike ride before bed!   

After we got the kids down, I got brave and decided to take Maggie for a bike ride... she loves to run and does great roller blading with M. So we tested it down at the park on the walking path and she did pretty good, so I thought we would try the road... and well we ended up cancelling that plan, we are not ready for that! 

Monday morning I decided to get crafty with the kids and we did some water colour painting! I used my cricut to print out their name in vinyl and peeled it off after they finished.    

We had some friends over for a swim and play date before lunch. I failed at taking pictures!! I was happybthe eclipse was happening while the kids were napping so I didn't have to worry about them looking at the sun, especially since I kept going outside to check it out... but safety first... 
 Around 4 I took the kids to the farm so M and I could get started on the dining room floors!! We were soo surprised on how far we made it!! M's parents brought the kids home for bath and bedtime!
Yesterday was Grandma-date day for Noah and Mommy/Emilya day. Unfortunately Em had to get a vaccine in the morning, but she did pretty good with it. I managed to get a work out in since she had a monster nap and then before I knew it was 4:30 and time to take her to the farm again so M and I could finish the floors.  
 We finished the floors, but still have to put the trim up. Turns out we have to stain the dining room table next because it doesn't match the floors!! I'm actually looking forward to the change, despite it being a lot of work.  
 A few more sleeps until I see Luke Bryan!!   


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